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Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:41 pm

  • So I've finally gotten off my lazy ass and rolled up any bugfixes and enhancements over the last few months into a binary package.

    • Fixed an issue in RenderImage.CopyToImage where the SlimDX Texture.FromStream method would
      fail without the stream length in bytes.
    • Fixed an issue where sprite animations would fail to load, claiming it was the wrong format.
    • Updated an issue in the mouse interface of the Gorgon Raw Input plug-in. The mouse wheel
      delta value was not being reset when a Raw Input event was received by the mouse object.
      This caused the WheelDelta value to keep its value until the mouse wheel was moved again.
    • Added a new method to the Mouse object: ResetWheelDelta, which will allow users who are
      manually polling the mouse to reset the mouse wheel delta value at their discretion.
    • Modified the animation type to only accept objects that implement the IAnimated interface.
    • Removed the Clone() method on the Animation type, it was never meant to be used by outside
    • Added a new example showing how to build a frame based (flipbook) animation via code.
    • Modified the KeyImage constructor to take additional parameters.
    • Added GetImageData() functions to RenderImage objects. This will allow the user lock the
      render target directly.
    • Modified image object so that we can lock render targets for direct access (sort of).
    • Added polygon sprite object. This will allow the user to draw an arbitrary polygon shape.
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