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Sun May 24, 2009 1:03 pm

  • Gorgon 1.1.3425.38459 has been released. Behold the glory.

    Just to clarify for some who wonder why my version numbers look like UPC codes:
    [Major Version].[Minor Version].[Build].[Revision]
    This helps me deal with version issues should they arise. If I released Gorgon with version numbers like v1.1, that doesn't help me when there's a small bug in the Sprite Editor that's corrected and re-uploaded and then someone reports the same bug later on. With such fine grained version numbers I can easily point out that the person is using an older version and they need to upgrade.

    • Fixed an empty path bug in the zip file plug-in when zip file contains no directories.
    • Updated the help file project to the latest version of Sandcastle Help File Builder v1.8.
    • Removed some leftover test functionality.
    • Removed the Changelog_v1.0.x.html file, it no longer serves any purpose.
    • Fixed an issue where any extra app windows would perform poorly when they received focus.
    • Fixed a localization bug in Sprite Editor.
    • Added functionality to shaders to allow the use of "default" variables for Sprites. These
      constants, when declared, will automatically be used by the library. To use these constants
      you only have to place them in your shader source and name like this:
      Texture _spriteImage.
      Note that the naming -is- case sensitive and must use the camel casing and "_" as a leading
    • Modified GiveMeSomeControl example to remove usage of StaticTextSprite object.
    • Added a Batch object to facilitate quickly blitting sprites to a render target.
    • Added a protected GetVertices() to return the vertices composing a Renderable object.
    • Modified several internal rendering functions to take their data from various sources.
    • Fixed a BIG bug in TextSprite.Clone where hardly any properties were cloned. How dumb of me.
    • Found and repaired some potential x64 issues.
    • Removed the Mount()/Unmount() functions from the file system. These really served no
      purpose to the user. The Mount() function is still in place for plug-in development just in
    • Added a new file system plug-in. This one will read/write .zip files (Winzip) so now the
      user can use WinZip or other .zip supported archiver to manipulate file systems.
    • Modified alignment issues with TextSprite where the text would become jagged if it was
      between a pixels, also fixed an issue where the MeasureText function was not returning the
      correct height.
    • Modified BumpInTheNight sample. Changed arrow symbols to unicode codes in the source files.
      Chalk that up to me not thinking ahead.
    • Added static From* methods to the Font object. Now users can load TTF files directly without
      having to set up their own PrivateFontCollections. Fonts can be read from a stream, file,
      embedded resource or a Gorgon file system.
    • Added two new methods: SetAdditionalRenderTarget and GetAdditionalRenderTarget. These two
      functions are in place to facilitate multiple render targets (MRT) when using shaders which
      allows rendering in one pass to multiple destinations.
    • Updated to use SlimDX Mar 09 release. And modified changed code accordingly. Worked around
      bug in SlimDX Texture.FromStream for Image files.
    • Modified example ShadersInSpaaace to actually make the film grain visible.
    • Updated bug in FileSystemEditor where saving the entire file system would mess up if the
      root node wasn't selected. Fixed bug where exporting individual files would export the
      entire file system. Changed export button on toolbar to be more clear about its function.
    • Updated normal map for BumpInTheNight sample so that lighting is more accurate. CrazyBump =
      teh awesome. Modified shader for the sample to allow for specular maps. Modified
      BumpInTheNight sample to use specular mapping.
    • Added specular map for BumpInTheNight sample.
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Fri May 29, 2009 11:24 pm

  • Update: May 29/2009

    • There was a bug in the Batch sprite object where the library would complain that it couldn't find the key "PositionNormalDiffuseTexture1". This has been corrected and the new version is now available (v1.1.3436.39405).

    This was a pretty critical error that slipped by me. Thus the hasty update, sorry about that folks.
    haikus are easy
    but sometimes they don't make sense
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