Gorgon - 1.1.3266.898

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Tue Dec 16, 2008 1:37 am

  • Gorgon v1.1.3266.898 has been released. Enjoy.

    What's changed

    • Added background image functionality to the animation editor in the SpriteEditor.
    • Fixed a bug in the animation frame editor. If a frame is selected and the Add Key button is
      clicked, nothing happens.
    • Modified the image frame animation editor to give more screen real-estate. Moved it to the
      right hand side as opposed to the bottom.
    • Modified floating point rounding accuracy issues when using time based system with frame
      based editing.
    • Added a track/key view to help identify which tracks have keys and where those keys are
      located. This view can be toggled on and off and the user has the choice of showing all
      tracks or just tracks with keys.
    • Fixed an issue with the SpriteEditor where if the toolbar in the sprite clipper had keyboard
      focus, the app would not exit - To be fair, this is NOT Gorgon's fault, this is a bug in
      Microsoft's toolbar strip object and needs to be worked around. This bug only seems to
      appear under specific circumstances.
    • Updated color track editor in the SpriteEditor animation editor to auto-create a key when a
      color was selected by the color selector. An additional button was added to turn off this
      key auto-creation if required.
    • Worked around a bug with older Intel drivers where the bound vertex buffer is not updated
      after the initial changes to the vertex buffer. The workaround requires that SetStreamSource
      be called during every frame. This is a minor perfomance hit, but it will only affect Intel
    • Updated a bug in the FileSystemPath object where GetFiles() was getting ALL files in the file
      system instead of just the files belonging to the path and its children.
    • Updated FileSystemEditor to have the ability to copy files from a virtual file system back
      on to the external windows file system (Copy file/path to external folder).
    • Removed the default frame #0 that was inserted when an empty track was selected. The system
      will now just use whatever default the sprite originally had an leave the track empty. This
      was problematic at times, and somewhat confusing. Now if you want to start an animation,
      the user will have to set up the initial frame manually (by adding the frame via the add key
      button or pressing enter on the dialog boxes or if the property can be dragged like Position
      or Axis).
    • Modified draggable properties to now show a hand icon to indicate dragging ability when the
      mouse is moved over the object to be dragged.
    • Added ability to drag the axis in the animation editor. You can do it in the main sprite
      display, why not in the editor too?
    • Modified EditorCanDragAttribute to now take/return a DragType as opposed to TRUE or FALSE.
      This allows for various types of dragging to be possible.
    • Updated an issue with the Sprite Editor where the sprite would appear offscreen when its axis
      was set to the right/lower portion of the sprite. While technically correct, this made the
      UI a little more difficult to use. The sprite will now appear in the center of the screen
      -UNLESS- the position track has keys (and the frame #0 position is not the center of the
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