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Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:06 pm

  • New version. Yes, it's been a while. This is a rollup of all fixes/updates since the last version.

    Updates made by me have -TW on the end. Updates made by other users will have their name (in this case Paril) at the end.

    • Updated INeedYourInput to use new reading/writing routines for images.
    • Added a WriteRegion function to ImageLockBox that will write to the locked region. This and the
      Read method will determine if the entire image has been locked and dump the data in
      directly or if there's a smaller region, then it will write only to that region line by
      line. This corrects an issue with Write where writing would not respect the region
      specified. - TW
    • Added ReadRegion function to the ImageLockBox object to read data within the locked region. - TW
    • Added RegionPitch property to the ImageLockBox. This will return the pitch for the region
      instead of the entire image. This is merely for convenience instead of having to calculate
      the span of a region when making buffers. - TW
    • Added LockPosition property to ImageLockBox to allow for movement within the lock data stream.
      Read/Write methods use this to know where to read and write from within the lock data stream. - TW
    • Removed ToArray() function, replaced by Read functions to be consistent with Stream objects. - TW
    • Updated issue with ImageLockBox.Write where the Position was not being set in the data stream. - TW
    • Added faster versions of unfilled Circle and Ellipse drawing. Must use same technique for filled. - Paril
    • Spelling fixes - Paril
    • Fixed up many small standardization problems (publicly visible variables changed into auto-properties in a few
      classes; left the structs alone because they caused problems with constructors) - Paril
    • Added some exception handlers for a few classes and methods - Paril
    • Changed name of EditorCanDragAttribute constructor argument "dragSprite" to "dragType" to match property - Paril
    • Made Matrix constructor less verbose by using params arguments - Paril
    • Changed the NamedObject constructor to protected since it is abstract - Paril
    • Since VideoMode.GetBpp was only used internally with the "Format" property but was still called by
      Bpp property (which called GetBpp with Format), merged the two (non-breaking) - Paril
    • Updated issue in INeedYourInput that caused an overflow of the locked image stream - TW
    • Animations now let you specify looping via Animation.Loops. - Paril
    • Commented the DeviceNotReset check in LockBox.Lock/Unlock. After some testing on my end and on
      Windows XP, it seems to be more or less not required at all, as during DeviceLost, Direct3D
      has not actually closed yet, so it should be safe at all times, but there may be some very
      special circumstances that this is false (such as trying to use a lockbox before Gorgon.SetMode);
      these may require a whole different check (Gorgon.Screen.Initialized?) if one is not already in place. - Paril
    • Added GIF animation code, based on Cycor's code, is now in the Sprite.cs file. It works flawlessly! - Paril
    • Updated INeedYourInput to use the new LockBox methods, as well as a fullscreen toggle for testing. - Paril
    • Added two new functions (minus simplicity overloads) to ImageLockBox to allow for
      SUPER FAST DATA TRANSITION!!! I found that if you read/write the entire stream, it is incredibly quicker.
      (Example omitted for verbosity, see SVN) - Paril
    • Removed _clearOnInit being set to true so that the textures do not get automatically cleared
      on first initialization (the cause for slowdown for Images/RenderImages). This might be a
      breaking change for any project who creates an Image/RenderImage but does not clear it manually,
      however since the Gorgon demos push that they should be cleared, I do not think this will
      be a problem. - Paril

      Notes: Might also remove the actual usage code in Initialize, because I don't
      think it would ever get called under normal circumstances. Have to test this!
    • Forum member domq found an issue where if the bounding rectangle of the TextSprite is very
      small and WordWrap = true then it would go into an infinite loop and crash. This has been
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