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Sun May 27, 2012 11:47 am

  • So, there's a new version containing a few bug fixes and the new GSound library written by our very own ShadowDust702.

    • Fixed ScaleDimensions, ScaledWidth, and ScaledHeight in the TextSprite class. - SD
    • Converted the solution/projects to Visual Studio 2010. This means that to compile Gorgon
      and its associated tools, you will need Visual Studio 2010. Gorgon is still using .NET 3.5
      however, so VS2008 can still be used for projects. - TW
    • Added new blending mode support for alpha channel blending - SD
    • Added new library - Gorgon Sound. Uses OpenAL to play back ogg and wav files. - SD
    • Fixed a bug (or rather, something I forgot to implement) in the Image deserializer code. This
      broke the FromStream(string name, Stream stream, int bytes) method, and would have broken
      any method that had the size in bytes passed in. - TW
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