Britannia Online - An Ultima VI remake (sortof)

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  • Summary

    A 'remake' of Ultima VI ... except as a multiplayer game using a slightly modified Ultima Online protocol and using modern game concepts (Double click to interact with objects, MMO like interface reusing Ultima Online assets, etc.) and enhanced art assets (32x32 tiles).

    I doubt it'll ever be 'done' , but for now it's entertaining me quite well and serves it's purpose of allowing me to explore some aspects of the .Net framework I don't get the opportunity to work with in my day job.

    I chose Gorgon because it's a huge improvement over my own 2d engine which was stuck on MDX and I had some angry run-ins with XNA. I'm using Gorgon Framework for the UI with a lot of custom components such as input boxes, etc.

    Other components used are MySql for the server database with SubSonic 3 for rapid iteration, SharpSvn for the patcher, Irrlicht.Net for audio (although I'm regretting it due to their non existing 64bit library). Early versions used the "Glass" form components for codeplex but those have since been ditched in favor of an ingame UI using Gorgon Framework.


    At the time of this post, the world rendering is about 90% accurate to the original with only visual glitches remaining. Multiplayer code such as login, movement synchronization and validation, chat and the like are all functional.

    A rough conversation system exists that uses decompiled, original conversation scripts. Some rough AI exists as well, although it needs a lot of work.

    Combat is the big outstanding feature, as are other social features like friends, etc.

    The client currently requires a legit installation of both Ultima VI and the Ultima Online 2d client to generate the client side assets needed to play the game. My hope is to get one of my artist friends to create me custom UIs at some point to at least drop the UO requirements. This is also the main reason why there is no preview or download at this point.


    Click for higher resolution shots.

    Image Image
    Dialog and Multi-tile creatures.

    Image Image
    Wordmap and Day & Night cycle.

    Image Image

    U7/UO style Containers and some multiplayer action


    I've uploaded a bunch of small fraps captures to YouTube
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  • Wow. That's incredible. I've put the screenshots into the screenshots gallery.
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  • How's it going? Were you able to get your friend to create art for the game? I'd like to give it a try!
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  • Sadly, my developer life is on hold for now. All spare time is eaten by the baby :)
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